Warranty Policy

Every Hunter vehicle comes with a 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

When does the two-year legal guarantee start? According to the European Union law, the two-year period starts from the day you received the product. You should always keep your receipts and any delivery statements.

Normal wear and tear items aren't warranted, and these include wheels, grip tape, bearings. 

Our warranty policy does not cover water damages. The Hunter Board is water-resistant, but not waterproof, so don't fully submerge it, or you'll break it.

Do not smash the board into hard objects, do not drop the board on the ground for starting operation. Although the product has been made to handle rigorous riding, it's still an electrical product and needs to be handled with care and respect. Abuse to the board as listed above is not covered by warranty.

The Hunter Board can climb hills of up to 30% gradient. Nonetheless, riding continuously in an extremely steep hill will put massive stress on the electronics. We have installed current protections with our electronics, however, if you feel the board slowing down on a steep hill this is because the protection is kicking in and giving you a warning it's working too hard. At this time, you must consider stopping to avoid risking damage to the electronics. Damage to electronics through strain on motors is not covered by warranty.

Any customization or alterations to the vehicle, mechanical parts, or electronics will void your warranty and likely cause the vehicle to be completely inoperable, so alter at your own risk. The responsibility is entirely yours.

Shipping costs are covered under the 24-month warranty for manufacturing defects. You will be responsible for shipping and receiving costs for any service or warranty repair if you're shipping from a country where we don't currently ship. You can find where we currently ship at the FAQ page.

If you require us to service your product(s), please get in touch with us at happiness@hunterboards.com