Read Before Riding

ALWAYS wear a helmet and relevant safety equipment when riding the board. Whenever you ride a Hunter Board, you risk serious injury or even death from loss of control, collisions, or falls. To ride safely, you must read ALL instructions, safety messages, and warnings in this manual.

ALWAYS obey and check the local road rules in your area for where you can ride. Do not ride on busy roads with line-markings and highways.

ALWAYS respect pedestrians.

DO NOT RIDE the board if you're under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

AVOID RIDING the board in wet conditions. The board may slide from under your feet causing injury.

You need to be AT LEAST 16 YEARS OLD to ride a Hunter Board.

At night, WEAR A LIGHT while riding and never carry more than one person at the same time.

Don't forget that WHAT COMES UP, MUST COME DOWN. If you ride up a steep hill and intend to ride it down, ensure you know how to control your speed without the use of electric brakes, so be careful with hills. In the unfortunate event there's a malfunction with the brakes, you need to know how to safely stop.