If you regularly clean and maintain your electric longboard, it will last a long time and ride at its best.

  • Always clean your bearings for the best roll and quietest/ smoothest ride. Bearings get dirty and affect ride quality which may reduce battery performance and cause possible bearing failure.

  • Always check all screws/nuts throughout the skateboard are tight (truck nuts, wheel nuts, etc.). You are responsible for this.

  • Rotate the wheels on the skateboard as you would do so with any longboard skateboard, as the drive wheels will wear the fastest.

  • Check the wheels for any damage. Replace if necessary.

  • Always store your board at room temperature.

  • Clean your board from dust and dirt so it looks and rides as new at all times. Use a damp & dry cloth to clean.

You are responsible for all maintenance relating to the equipment, failure of any part due to lack of maintenance is not covered by warranty.


Your battery and therefore your board should always be stored at room temperature. Excessive hear can permanently affect or damage the battery. The board does have heat protection software in place should this occur whilst riding to prevent the battery from overheating.

If left in a hot car, hot environment, or exposed to other factors that may cause excessive heat, the heat protection software can't reduce temperatures, and your battery may be affected.

Cold temperatures will affect battery life and power output. If you're riding in low temperatures, you may experience lower range, top speed, and acceleration. Exposing the battery to excessively low temperatures may have a permanent effect or cause damage.

If you will not be using your battery for a prolonged period of 3 months or more, it's recommended to store it between 40% and 50%.

Leaving it fully charged and unused can result in permanent loss of total capacity. If the battery is stored near depleted for a prolonged period it may drop to an unrecoverable voltage.