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Lightweight without sacrificing performance and comfort. The Hunter Board packs everything you need to confirm your status as a speed demon, own your city hills or slowly carve your way into the sunset. Get all the shock absorption you need without sacrificing the handling with the Hunter Board's proprietary suspension systemA rough road is no longer an excuse to stop going further, faster.

Every Hunter Board is shipped in a Premium Transportation Case and comes with a Fast Charger

Top Speed 55 kph

(34 mph)

Range 38 km

(24 miles)


Turning System






Replaceable Battery

3600 Watts


7075-T6 Premium

Space-Grade Aluminum


Water Resistant

30% Hill Climbing

Regenerative Brakes

Designed and

made in Europe

Weight 9 kg

(19 lbs)

  • Top Speed 55 kph (34 mph)

  • Range 38 km (24 miles)

  • Agile Turning System

  • 7075-T6 Premium Space-Grade Aluminum

  • 3600 Watt Motor

  • Weight 9 kg (19 lbs)

  • Customizable
  • Suspension System

  • Easily Swappable Battery

  • 30% Hill Climbing

  • Regenerative Brakes

  • Anti-Wobble Technology

  • Water Resistant

  • Designed and Built in Europe

30-day Risk Free Trial

Two-year Warranty

Private WhatsApp channel for faster post-purchase support

Easy Swap Batteries. Just remove two screws using your remote, swap batteries, and you're ready to go.

Five Riding Modes, including Custom Mode to let you build the Riding Mode that better fits your needs and wants.

Revolutionary aluminum remote with integrated customization options and fall resistant. 

Four independent suspension systems with pre-load adjustment and 53 mm of wheel travel to make sure nothing stops you.

Agile Turning System to give you all the turning range you need

3,600 Watts of power concentrated in two Direct-Drive-Hub Hybrid Motors. Incredible performance with less noise and maintenance.


Built for Ultra-Portability

Built for UltraPortability

Your board shouldn't limit you once you get to your destination. You want to carry your board upstairs, into a restaurant, a movie theatre, or even the bathroom. For that, you need your board to be lightweight enough to put it under your arm or strap it to your backpack.

Thanks to your Hunter Board's 9kg (18 lbs), this and more are possible.

Your freedom shouldn't be limited by how much your board weights.

Suspension System

No flexible deck.

Outstanding Shock Absorption.

No flexible deck.


Shock Absorption.

The old rules will tell you that you can't have excellent shock absorption without a flexible deck. We didn't like that, so we made new rules. Now, thanks to Hunter's patent-pending suspension system, fully independent from the turning system, you can have all the shock absorption you need in a rigid deck. Before shipping the Hunter Board we adjust the suspension system to your weight.

What does this mean for you? It means that you won't have to worry about those nasty potholes, cracks and small debris on the road while having the superior handling and precise control of rigid decks at high speeds. Liberty has been redefined.

Get ready to fall much less and go further, faster.

Fully Integrated

Four independent suspension systems

53 mm of wheel travel 

No maintenance

Fully Integrated

Four independent suspension systems

53 mm of wheel travel 

No maintenance

Built to keep you on the go, no matter how rough it gets.

Our Design Tenet

Giving shape to the future.

Giving shape to the future.

"Our design philosophy is simple: form always follows performanceThis uncomplicated, yet powerful principle gives us the faculty to build outstanding products, designed to keep surprising you the more you use them. The Hunter Board is here to redefine what an electric skateboard can be."

Miguel Morgado, Chief Product Officer at Hunter

Versatility matters

Superior Agility meets Incomparable Stability.

Superior Agility meets Incomparable Stability.

Your Hunter Board's suspension system already gives you the stability you need to avoid speed wobbles. Nonetheless, stability alone isn't enough. You also need agility for when you want to carve into the sunset.

To give you the best of both worlds, our engineers developed a new mechanical turning system, designed to give you a 25º turning angle. How much is 25º? Enough for you to do a full circle in a one-lane road. Agility + Stability = Versatility.

What does this mean for you? For the first time, you can have an agile carving skateboard that is also unbelievably stable at high speeds (say goodbye to speed wobbles).

Game-changing Versatility.

Amazing agility at low speed

Remarkable stability at high speed

Amazing agility at low speed

Remarkable stability at high speed

Clean and decisive lines come together into a future forward elegance, built to hold a masterclass in engineering and innovation.


A battery with a strong work ethic and no attachment issues.

Your Hunter Board is equipped with a 1.9 kg 333-Wh lithium-ion battery (10s3p configuration) capable of powering the board's 3.6-Kw drivetrain while maintaining the perfect balance between power, range, and weight.

The battery pack is easily swappable, so if you run out of battery and have no place to charge it, replace the battery, and you're ready to go. Easy, as it should always be.

38 km (24 miles) of range

Easily Swappable Battery

Designed to fit inside the deck for maximum protection of sensible electronic components

38 km (24 miles) of range

Easily Swappable Battery

Designed to fit inside the deck for maximum protection of sensible electronic components

Lightsaber Remote

You've got the power.

Your remote is the magic wand that controls everything, and we designed it to give you total control over your Hunter Board movements and overall performance.

In addition to being able to change between four riding modes, you can also customize your Hunter Board's acceleration and braking curve, max power, braking power, and much more. All of this, quickly done with the click of some buttons on your remote.

Get ready to discover a new kind of freedom. 

Customize your ride

7075-T6 Premium Space-Grade Aluminum

Customize your ride

7075-T6 Premium Space-Grade Aluminum


Do's and dont's are for followers.

Make the Hunter Board really yours by personalizing the underbelly of the deck. All customizations are engraved in the aluminum by our artisans.

Get ready to do your thing. No rules.

The Element

Made with 100% Premium Space-Grade Aluminum.

Made with 100% Premium Space-Grade Aluminum.

When searching for a material that could stand the test of time, be light, resistant and beautiful, we looked to the skies and found perfection.

The aluminum we use to make your Hunter Board is the same used by the aerospace and defence industry to reinforce aeroplane wings and build crucial parts of rockets.

If it's good enough for Space, it's good enough for Earth.

7075-T6 aluminum,

thermally treated for strength and durability

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is an extraordinary heat dissipator. Less heat leads to no overheat, which leads to better overall performance.

Aluminum's strength allows the production of a rigid deck, perfect for precise control over steering, especially at high speeds.

Ready for your Hunter Board?



Up to 38 km (24 miles)

Range with extra battery

Up to 76 km (48 miles)

Top Speed

55 kph (34 miles)

Hill Climbing



Regenerative Brakes

Suspension System

Proprietary suspension system


3,600 Watt

Ride Modes

Soft, Cruising, Rain, Sport and Custom


7075-T6 aluminum, CNC Machined


7075-T6 aluminum, CNC Machined


9 kg (19 lbs)


925 mm (length) x 253 mm (width) x 145 mm (height)

Boundaries are meant to be pushed.