Electrotechnical Engineer

Product and Hardware Team


€20.000 - €25.500 annually *

Optional Stock Options



€20.000 - €25.2500 annually *

Stock Options


Do you have a passion for invention and self-challenge?

Do you excel in pushing the limits of what's considered feasible?

As the first Electrotechnical Engineer to join Hunter, you'll help us improve our current products and work on developing the next generation of Hunter Electric Vehicles. In the future, your role might evolve into a leadership position inside the Hardware team, depending on your performance and predisposition for such.

You can choose one of two ways of being compensated for your work:

  • Cash
  • Less Cash + Stock Options

* Total amount spent by the company on you. The final value is defined according to your seniority and experience.

Key Qualifications

  • Knowledge in Electrotechnical or Electrical Engineering

  • Experience with projects with a practical side (a master thesis alone won't do)
  • Fluent in Portuguese and/or English
  • Flexibility and comfortable working in a quickly changing environment
  • Experience working in a team environment and self-motivated
  • Detail-oriented and naturally curious
  • Consumer electronics experience is not required. Consideration will be given to qualified

What will be asked of you?

  • Work with the Product team on the improvement of the electronics of the Hunter Board and remote with a particular focus on the battery and motors
  • Be part of the development team of Hunter's future products

How can your role evolve?

Innovation is our core as a brand, and product development is crucial for what we do. With time, a team focused on Electronics will be assembled. There's a chance your role might evolve to a leadership position, being asked of you to lead the Electronics department. This evolution will be a result of your performance, motivation for the role, and mindset.

Our Mission at Hunter

At Hunter, we innovate to empower sensation-seekers all around the world. Our first product, the Hunter Board, was nominated by TIME as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2020, and it's quickly becoming the standard of what a premium electric skateboard should be. Less than a year after its launch, we've sold Hunter Boards to over 15 countries.

If you join Hunter, you'll join a company where questioning everything is encouraged. We're working to push the border on what an electric vehicle can be, and to do that, we need bold minds open to change. Are you the one?

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