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Building an Electric Skateboard Company:

The Vlog.

We're doing it from scratch and we want to know what YOU want to see

At Hunter, we're building a new e-board brand and we want to share how we're doing it in our vlog Building an Electric Skateboard Company.

We all love e-boards, but there's not much on the Internet about the process behind their conception, production, quality testing, brand building, etc. We want to change this but we need your help.

We want to know what YOU want to see in our vlog. Tell us what you're curious about and we'll document it and show it to the world.

Tell us what you want to see in "Building an Electric Skateboard Company" by clicking here. Easy and smooooooth like riding on a cloud ☁️.

The vlog's main character is the Hunter Board and the plot revolves around its coming to life.

Specs and Features of the Hunter Board

  • Suspension system that makes rougher roads feel like clouds.

  • 14 mm/0.55 in thick (yes, it's that thin).

  • Removable battery (if you're in a hurry just replace batteries and go).

  • Deck and all mechanical parts entirely made of aerospace grade aluminum.

Weight: 6.9 kg or 15 lbs

Top Speed: 45km/h or 27 mph

Range: Soon...

Dimensions:  92.4 cm or 36.3 in (L), 36.6 cm or 14.4 in (W), 0.14 cm or 0.55 in (H)

Motors: 2 hub motors (1,800 Watts each)

Power: 3,600 Watts

Braking: Regenerative Braking

Climbing: Soon...

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