Ultra-portable. Confortable.

Ultra-portable. Comfortable.

“This is for everyone who loves electric skateboards and doesn’t want a road in poor condition to ruin its ride”

"The Hunter Board is one such electric skateboard with a proprietary suspension system to ensure riders are able to traverse rocky and uneven terrain without much of a hassle."

"Like a Tesla, a Hunter Board is a carefully designed, luxury product."

"The company has built a unique suspension system that increases stability and reduces the chances of a rider falling off the board in poor conditions — a common complaint in the e-skateboard world."

Top Speed 50 kph
(31 mph)

Range 38 km
(24 miles)

Suspension System

Removable Battery

Only 9 kg of weight

3600 Watt


Built to keep you on the go, no matter how rough it gets

Outstanding Shock Absorption

Suspension System, fully independent from the turning system, you can have all the shock absorption you need in a rigid deck.

Made for the city

Yet, ready for so much more

Sleek and stylish design for those who demand the best in performance, portability and comfort.

One Hour Fast Charging

Charge from 0-100% in one hour

Built for Ultra-Portability

Your board shouldn't limit you once you get to your destination.

Superior Agility meets incomparable Stability

Shipping Within 3 weeks